Coke-chemical equipment

The coal coke is made by coking the bituminous coal at temperature 950—1100°С without air access. The coke is used for iron smelting (blast-furnace coke) as high- quality smokeless fuel, iron ore reducing agent and charge material disintegrator. The coke is also used as cupola fuel in foundry industry (foundry coke) and ferroalloys’ production (special types of coke). The coke production process is implemented at coke-chemical enterprises.

«Slavtyazhmash» PJSC is a leading enterprise in Ukraine and among CIS countries for production of cokemachines and equipment for newly-built, redesigned and commissioned coke batteries. The enterprise manufactures and supplies the machines for maintaining the coke batteries and different process equipment for implementation of the coke production cycle process. Machines and equipment are supplied as complete units, enlarged by components of high operational and installation compatibility. Installation and adjustment of equipment by the customer is performed under immediate control of the specialists of enterprise.

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