Dneprotechservice Scientific Production Firm (DTS) is a group of machine-building plants, design-engineering and research institutions based in Ukraine, i.e. a multi-industry integrated structure performing the design, manufacture, sales, and service maintenance of equipment, machinery and accessories, as well as technology engineering.





To provide effective employment in manufacturing area, to develop technologies in Ukraine and to implement innovations in production.

  • Stable and life-worth living based on results of one's activity.
  • Responsibility, competence, activeness based on absolute decency.

Dneprotechservice Scientific Production Firm (DTS) is a group of machine-building plants, design-engineering and research institutions of Ukraine.

The primary areas of business are heavy engineering (equipment for mining processing, metallurgical, coke-chemical, oil-and-gas, automotive, power, railway industry and marine terminals), underground infrastructure (cast-iron tubbing for subway tunnels and mine shafts), space technologies (ground support equipment of space-launch complexes, honeycomb structures and launch vehicle manufacture technologies), and innovations.

The history of Dneprotechservice counts over 20 years (founded in 1992). At the initial stage of its business the company traded rolled stock and ferrous-metal pipes. Over time the firm established itself as a leader at the market of this product type, created a network of representatives in Russia and Belorussia. Development of the Group as it is today began in the year 2000, i.e. Dneprotechservice is active in combining major share of stock of quite a number of industrial companies of national standing, maintains and develops production and talent of the companies integrated. On the eve of its tenth anniversary the firm organized the Scientific-and-Production Group "Dneprotechservice". The company assumes functions of a managing company that forms aт integrated system of decision-making, establishing development strategy, investment policy for all companies of the Group.

Presently, Dneprotechservice integrates over 10 of various companies and organizations from manufacturing, design-engineering, scientific-and-research and trade areas of business.

The production division of the Group includes the following: Dneprotyazhmash, PJSC (designing and manufacture of a wide range of equipment for enterprises of mining-and-metallurgical sector, ground support equipment of space launch complexes and overall nomenclature of tubbings), Dnepropetrovsk Rolling Rolls Plant, PJSC (rolling rolls, rollers and piston plungers), Slavtyazhmash, PJSC (manufacture of coking machines and equipment), Sinelnikovo Spring Plant, PJSC (designing and manufacture of compound springs for automotive engineering), RDE NIKE LLC (designing and manufacture of honeycomb fillers and structures built upon).

The design-engineering division of the Group integrates the flowing: Design-engineering institute Metallurgavtomatika, PJSC (automated systems of process control), Ukrainian Research Institute of Manufacturing Engineering, PJSC (manufacture technologies and equipment for space-system engineering).

Trading division. While maintaining consistent connections with machine-building plants of Ukraine and CIS countries the Dneprotechservice Group presents itself as operative in product supplies from these companies assuring good timing and quality.

Transenergoservis, LLC, also being a representative of this Group division is employed in construction and operation of motor-transport gas-compressor stations.



Presently, the number of personnel employed in the system of Dneprotechservice Group makes about 5000 men. The Company established relations with over 200 partners in dozens of countries around the world.