Crushing and reduction equipment

The process of reducing the sizeof elastic-brittle body from original (initial) size to required one under the influence of external forces is referred to as crushing or reduction (milling) process, while the machines used for these purposes, are referred to as crushing or reduction (milling) machines. In ore mining and cement industry the crushing process is a preparatory one, because the product obtained after crushing machines is supplied for further processing. In other cases, e.g. in construction materials industry during gravel production or in coal industry during coal crushing process for briquetting, coking purposes etc. the end (marketable) product is obtained after crushing machines, i. е. the crushing process has an independent value.



    Owing to different characteristics of the process material, as well as different requirements to end product at «DNEPROTYAZHMASH PJSC» the crushing machines of various types and sizes are produced; in such a case, together with creation of new machines the existing designs of machines as well as quick-wearing parts are continuously modified and improved.

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