Blast-furnace equipment

Overwhelming amountof iron being produced worldwide is produced in blast furnaces. Iron of various chemical compositions is produced in blast furnaces depending on its application: steelmaking pig and cast iron. Ferrosilicium and ferromanganese used for deoxidation of steel is also smelted in blast furnaces. The by-products of blast-furnace smelting are slag and blast-furnace gas. Modern blast furnaces are automatic units with useful capacity of 5500 m3 and daily production more than 10-11 thous. tons of iron.


    Blast furnace equipment is traditional products of the plant. For blast-furnace process the machines and mechanisms’ fabrication designed for feeding the batch materials to blast-furnace feeding device, for blast-furnace top charging equipment, for tapping, removal and reprocessing of the liquid products of heat, conveying equipment (charging machines, slag cars, hot-metal ladle trucks, slag pots) was put into production at the enterprise. Technical documentation was developed and a wide range of the blast-furnace gas main equipment was put into production: blast-furnace throttle gas valves, goggle and sectoral valves, oblique slide valves for smoke channels, filters for water treatment of the blast-furnace cooling systems and other products.

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